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  Joseph Yenkavitch

Published on: 9/23/2010
New Year's Resolution

Even then
as laughter bounced
through the rooms
you were slipping out of yourself
moving darkly
seeking escape
a reflection on a night window
struggling on the last thin inch
your face
floating in a black tree
vanishing with the dawn.
You made your decision
as a pale ray
ignited an icicle,
the new year would continue
without you.

Published on: 9/23/2010
Galileo's Telescope

Galileo's peek into the heavens
shattered the celestial certitude
puncturing the close-at-hand
realm of God

God no longer peered down
a few crystal spheres away
just behind pasted on stars
close enough to be comforting

Published on: 4/9/2010

The firehouse came down today
like an atom compressed
walls folded, hidden supports rubble
the treetop height of its peak
now eye-level with passing children.
The great door faces earthward
the long brass pole
a tightrope for insects.
There's a new view now
trees gain bottoms
and rarely seen land emerges;
still there's a hole in the world
until the atmosphere mends

Published on: 4/9/2010

The chill follows the wild dance.
There's nothing to keep it away
for we've burned up our moods
in a frenzy of fitful delight
leaving the joy to shift about
and collect where the wind is stopped.

We see deep into the wrinkled forest
and discover the land
this unknown land, scarred and quiet
without the insects, leaves, or warmth
opening into areas never noticed
flowing out from hiding
sagging here and there into paths
the folds of its ancient self.

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