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How to Submit Poetry

As a quilt is intended both for warmth and beauty, Strong Verse exists to give a voice to poems that can sustain life with words.

Poetry Submission Guidelines:
  • Poems may be in any form. Free Verse is neither required nor given special preference. Formal poetry is recognized and welcomed. Translations are welcome if the translator has permission from the owner of the copyright.
  • Poems may be of any length, though an epic may not get read for quite a while.
  • Read our motto: "Good poetry is meant to be understood, not decoded." If your poetry can only be understood by you or your close group of friends, share it with them.
  • No previously published poems.
  • Simultaneous submissions are okay if you notify us immediately of publication elsewhere.
  • Send three to five poems at a time.
  • Payment is ten dollars, for first publication in Strong Verse and nonexclusive reprint rights.
  • Response time may be up to two months.

Poetry Submission Form:

Poetry Submission:
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