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About Strong Verse

Strong Verse was created by Orson Scott Card in order to provide a forum for poetry that is meaningful and accessible. We will be publishing new poetry as well as poems from dead poets.

New poetry will be published every three days, one-hundred-and-twenty poems a year. Poets may submit three to five poems at a time and payment is ten dollars per poem.

Poetry from dead poets may be submitted through Contact Strong Verse. Please submit no more than one poem at a time, with an explanation of why the poem should be included.

The Strong Verse Forum is a unique meeting-ground for lovers of poetry. Not only will readers be able to discuss poetry, they will also be able to submit essays on poetry from dead poets for publication.

We hope that Strong Verse will provide a strong voice for poetry, and therefore hope and strength, to the world.

About Orson Scott Card

Orson Scott Card, the author of Ender's Game, Enchantment, and the Alvin Maker series, did not originally plan to write fiction. He spent his journeyman years as a playwright. Before that, however, it was poetry that engaged his pen.

Never content to write just one thing, Card has continued writing poetry along with his more well-known work in other forms. He has submitted little of it for publication, because there are no journals that seem to welcome the kind of poetry he values.

An Open Book, Card's first published collection, is selected from thirty-five years of poems. The title reflects his attitude that this book and all the poems in it remain works in progress.

It also reflects Card's commitment to clarity, especially in poetry. As he says in his afterword: "To be clear and yet also say something worth saying is what I believe poets should strive for.

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