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  Jennifer Wong

Published on: 4/8/2010
Daylight Saving

Today we put our clocks back
an hour for winter
while the sun continues its journey

You may stay the night
longer than usual, less

time for your legitimate home,
where you keep a clean wardrobe of smart suits
and half-hearted promises.

It's hard to say goodbye
to old summer time.
We all want our own, best-kept backyard gardens
sweet with basil, bleeding hearts and foxgloves.

Where has the lost hour gone, has it made its way
to Antarctica - a round-the-clock summer -
or to an unremarkable woman?

They say going back an hour
is good for the heart, but gives too much carbon.

All through the night, the shiny face
of your one and only home-going watch
laughs at my ignorance.

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