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  John H. Whiting

Published on: 1/8/2014
Old Timer Orders Oyster Boat

Give me a boat with good nails in her
And I'll sail across the moon.
Plywood and glue are for weekends at the dock,
Not for skimming over shallow depths.
You can't get far in fiberglass either.
Hell, even the gulls laugh at it.
Oysters, now, they're smart. They sit and wait.
Crabs run to traps, fish swim to nets.
But oysters you must find. They hide.
So build me something solid from a tree.
When the bay tastes her bottom, it'll know
Shucked shells will whiten sands
Before that boat sinks or is beached.

Published on: 12/30/2013
Motion Notion

What Cosmic notion
Set in motion
What first function
Had gracious gumption
To mix the batter
That became matter?
Fleeting God Particle presence,
Visible proof of initial essence,
Connects actual physical empiricals
And possible spiritual miracles.

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