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  Michael J. Vaughn

Published on: 4/14/2015
Flea Market

We don't know how long Samsay has
been selling his carved balsa
paperweights, but we do
notice that no one has the
heart to tell him

His sales are surprisingly brisk.
Perhaps people enjoy the joke,
or the story,
or feel sorry for him

People are drawn to inferior products.
It reassures them that their
lives are not so bad

Jarif sells incense that
smells like skunk.
Perhaps this is to give to
hateful people, in hopes that
they will forget and light one up.

Published on: 4/9/2015

Come stand by the clock
Watch the seconds on parade,
the rose-covered floats,
inflatable cartoon figures

Curse the to-do list all you
want, it may be what
keeps you going.
A new radiator and a clean
bathroom may seem like
small achievements, but they
might be all you get

The large victories are bashful and
rare creatures, quick to bolt,
slow in arriving, a
longshot in the seventh race

Savor the grease under your fingernails.

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