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  Clinton Van Inman

Published on: 12/2/2013

Just two of you I need to lend a hand,
First to measure the rope from base to base
Then here along the wall and here to where
The rope is tied around the ceiling post.
Careful there, because all must be exact.
The tale is always in the tape you know,
Just an inch or so, an inch here or there
Even one and it would be a different story.
But we can rule that out because here
Is the can he must have stood upon and
He was often seen here from time to time
Once it seems to look for work I'm told
He must have known the garage to be a quiet
Place, but still it doesn't do a business good
For this sort of thing--everything is as it should
All looks typical enough, all is in order.
One last entry and my work here is done.
Thank you for your help now cut him down.

Published on: 11/25/2013

It was no accident my coming here
For they must had known long before
I wandered to their farmhouse near
That soon I would knock upon their door
And wait until the storm would clear.

Call it more than a good neighbor's sense
In snow to leave a porch lamp lighted
Or post the sign upon the picket fence
For those in need are all invited
Even if it were mere coincidence.

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