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  Suzanne Sykora

Published on: 2/4/2013
The Frozen Room

Footfalls in the frozen room,
Faces quiet under ice,
Ticking of a broken clock—
Then someone sneezes twice.

Published on: 2/1/2013
Honey Song

Oh see unseen
By mammal brain
The buzz of light
The open glow

Of nectar color's
Lucid stain
The petal posing
On its stem

The dust of pollen
We can sip
With jointed eye
And furry lip

Then to stash
In waxy cell
All the sweetness
We can cull

Published on: 1/31/2013
Old and New Terra


What a legend:
Green, unspoiled,
Just lightly populated:

That's the story
We mutants tell
About our ancient home.


From blue, orphaned baby stars
To rogue black holes that roam the galaxies,
Mugging any planet in their path,
It's not a nice neighborhood;
We've all got teeth and claws.

Still I like to hop to old Mother Earth,
So small and crowded: cozy
Despite the graves, the wear and tear,
Our protein pellets and bad air.

East, west, home's the best;
We mutant human beings are blessed.

Published on: 8/10/2011
Salt Blood

Salt wave exhilaration,
Ocean-singing blood,

Bright as the heart's primeval
Pulsing ebb and flood;

Out of the breakers bounding,
Rolling, reaching free,

We dance our fresh emergence
From the ancient sea.

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