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  Emily Strauss

Published on: 5/1/2015
Scattering Ashes

The wind chopped the shallow bay
our small tug skipped across
the white caps, tilted and rolled
into the troughs, headed toward
the first buoy in sight of the coast
road, we came to scatter the ashes
from the gray box, dip your hand,
throw them far, watch them sink
'look, you have some of dad on you,'
she told her brother as the wind
picked up, white ash blew into our
faces, hands stayed dusty until
we wiped them on our clean pants,
feel the bone fragments, now return
holding the railings, quiet, the box
put away again, all over in an hour
time for coffee and hors d'oeuvres
back home, the dog whining, soup
he froze himself, how did he know,
the hospital bed set up in the spare
room, but he refused, felt colder than
duty on the Aleutians during the War,
wouldn't play along anymore—
we felt the bone fragments.

Published on: 4/28/2015
Dust Everywhere

fractions of a second after
the Big Bang
dust arose in massive
clouds, filled what was
empty— primordial
slowly spinning
hidden gods orchestrating
spirals, rings
gathering it into stars
dust pervaded the spaces
floating in blackness
on every surface

dust grains formed
raining delicately
on ferns, fences
and women noted this
hung curtains
fetched mops, rags
began their battle
against all the dust
in the universe
it seemed like
shaking it outdoors
to blow through other
orbits, endless dust
permeating the black spaces

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