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  Johnny Rocket

Published on: 2/11/2008
Angels, Gramma, and Questions

Mi abuela talks about the angels,
los angeles,
in the russet corners
of the sunset in heaven
dancing just for us,
she says,
dancing just for us.
Now in the morning I once more squint
and look for mine
at graying skies on
each day devoted to a different God
from different places
so that they won't get offended
except for the sun's days
which are generally worshipful
where she sits at full pews
and generally prays to hers.

She only ever talks of the angels
and mentions God once in a while
in passing
a touching glance off the one god
who didn't get a day
so appropriated one after the fact.
Mi abuela says
you get up in the morning
and you pray, generally speaking,
she's not particular,
and then you move
one foot after another
because it's a joint effort.
She sits at pews on Sundays
and talks progress reports.

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