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  Matthew Quinn

Published on: 8/13/2010
Poetry Does Nothing

Poetry does nothing
but note the blade
of grass is green,
uncut for too long
and leaning
with the breeze.

Poetry does nothing
but chant a mass
of associations
before which there is no need
to genuflect.

Poetry does nothing
but mark time
with pointed hands,
the imprint of a moment
forever shown upon a face
swept by events.

Poetry does nothing
but hold your gaze
and speak your name aloud:
the name no one else knows.

Published on: 8/13/2010
Sea of Tranquility
    - for all the tribes

On gray dust plain
backed by distant hills
and black sky,
men gather pebbles
from an endless beach,
knock golf balls around,
leap like small children
on a vast trampoline.

They plant a flag
and leave a plaque
whose words are moot
for no one came to meet their ship
moored at the silent shore.

Published on: 8/13/2010

We provide a smile
and courtesy
for each we meet.
Neither vassal nor drone,
"employee" is déclassé.

We associate
with our company
like a hooker with her john
and are guaranteed our position
for just as long.

Published on: 8/13/2010
Twentieth Century Architecture

I sing
in praise of the lean and spare,
the sleek and soaring
without ornament,
in praise of aluminum,
stainless steel
and beige brick
set as counterpoint
to baroque, rococo and all manner
of decorative flourish.

In praise of glass mountains
which rise to the heavens
with faces, flowers, trees
and the drifting clouds
in constant motion
upon their skins,

borrowing the reflected souls of others
until all is linear,
tinted window,
and beige

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