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  Misty Posey

Published on: 11/4/2011
The Rose Cody Gave Me

Here I am alone
With the rose Cody gave me
Twisting in my hand
Velvety red petals
I pluck one by one
And yet the rose remains a rose

Lonely, I sit
No plans
No moments to look forward to
Only memories
And the view of red petals
Surrounding my silver high heel shoes

It was a stunning, red rose
Now resembling a bud
More layers still to be plucked away
He loves me not
But I have the memories
And the rose he gave me

Published on: 11/4/2011
Moon, Oh Moon

Moon, oh moon
Ancient sculpture in the sky
On you I place my dreams
On your watch I rest my head
As you shepherd us through the night
Illuminating our paths down on earth
Lending security during darkness
Accompanying our gracious stars
Each hanging small in the expanse above
Oh, to be seated among these copious jewels
With Lyra, Ara, and Pegasus
To sleep among them
As you do every night

Moon, oh moon
You give me hope
From your soft reflection, I am assured
Tomorrow the sun will shine
For opposite your mysterious surface
The thriving sun still lives
Kissing your face with warm rays of sunlight
Bestowing you with life
Oh symbol of hope
You fill my dark hours with but a fragment of light
Whether you are full
Whether you are small
All I need is a glimpse of you, oh moon
And I can dream of morning.

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