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  Geoff Peterson

Published on: 7/7/2006
The Ballad of Moses

Now Moses was a cowboy by his heritage and rights
but instead of ropin' cattle he wrangled Israelites
He started out with cows and sheep a tendin' Father Jethro's herd
He done all this for years and years and then one day 'long came the Lord

"Moses," says He, "I like the way you handle that big herd of sheep
But I's got another job for you, my children they all need yer keep
Y'see, they's all down in Egypt land suffrin' under old Pharoh."
So He tells Moses to go down and save them, so 'way to Egypt did Moses go

Now Pharoh, he was a son of a gun, he liked to drink and cuss and fight
But Pharoh liked nothing else more than beatin' Israelites

So Moses wrangled with ol' Pharoh, they tossed and fought and tussled
And in the end, well, Moses won, and that herd of Israelites he rustled
He took that herd away real quick, passed the Red Sea on dry ground
But Pharoh's head was awful thick, he chased after them and drowned

For forty years, Moses led that herd, they was such and orn'ry lot
They bucked and threw him all the time, and he tried but he could not
get them to behave like respectful cattle should
Couldn't get them to understand that all this drivin' was for their own good

God gave him the Ten Commandments, sort of rules for the trail
But He took so long those Israelites began to bellyache and wail
So they made themselves a calf of gold, cursin' Moses with a frown
'til he got back and crushed it up and made 'em drink it down

After that, Moses he was tired, and he told that to the Lord
Who in return said, "All right, let Joshua lead that herd."
Not long after that they stampeded, somethin' spooked 'em all, I guess
And ever since then they've all been roamin' out in the wilderness

So the moral of this here story is God's up in Heaven a waitin'
Waitin' with that plan of His and He's surely anticipatin'
Knows one day He'll see a cowboy and no matter how he swears and fights
He'll have to give up his cattle days and go round up Israelites

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