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  Jim Lee

Published on: 12/16/2013
Not Perfect

I do not believe in "Perfect."
I see no signs of it in anyone or anything.
Perhaps least of all in human closeness, whether based on friendship or desire.
But don't think this a lament or complaint on my part!

You see, I find "Perfect" a repellant notion.
What is pleasure without the awareness of pain?
Without sorrow, joy has no meaning.
If failure were ever truly no option, success would taste bland indeed!

No, I am truly glad—even grateful!
I rejoice in this lack of so-called "Perfection."
You say the universe unfolds as it should and, perhaps surprisingly, I agree.
I thank whatever flawed Gods may govern this wondrously faulty universe.

But as for you, my true and dear, my closest friend?
You are, of course, not "Perfect."
You are something far more and much better to me than the likes of that!
You are the person that you are.

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