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  Paula Hayes

Published on: 8/13/2012
Small Comforts

Mother is in the kitchen frying eggs
I'm sitting down at the table reading books
Gillian Welch wailing "getting by" on an out of tune radio
Dolly Parton singing poor harmony to Norah Jones;
forgetting love rusts over like an old junk car.

Published on: 8/13/2012
Bad Signs

The moon is rising and
it's not just any old moon,
Lady Sepherus told me, "it's Aquarius rising , Capricorn setting,"
That means you don't love me anymore,
or maybe you do. Flower petals pulled apart like pixie sticks,
games children play. The old man with the iron leg is rolling
down the road, coming in for the Veteran's day parade. Mama cooking
on the stove chicken dumplins and freezin' for a holiday; there is an old
junk yard dog leaning against a post. I guess it's true. All the signs point to left.
A heart can't be trusted in this kind of weather, with winter coming and all.

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