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  Angel Conlon

Published on: 3/29/2016
Anxiety in Bed

Think about this week's tasks
then think of it again
and of next week
and next month
and year
If you even live to see next year
You might die from sleep deprivation if your


The eyes are the easy part
the brain is what resists
The mind is cruel
and unusual
punishment for an anxious soul
He likes to remember that one time
you said that one thing
to that one person
And he won't let you rest
until you've rehashed it
back into its original awkwardness

Rest can wait
now you have to make a to-do list
laundry and dishes and homework and wishes

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray tonight my slumber's deep

Published on: 3/24/2016
Daylight Savings Trigger

The sky promises to turn black
and you have to let it breathe
The sun is a controlling beast
but you will be okay
Because you'll be ready this time

Darkness doesn't mean the day is over
The presence of night promises the light of tomorrow
And tomorrow brings sparkling lakes and swaying palm trees
Night reminds us to hold on
because the reward of survival is a new day
to start clean
to see again
to try harder

Your sleepy eyes will be awakened by streams of gold
seeping in through streaked windows
So tell the twilight that you're staying
because it can only cloak you for so long
and daylight is waiting

Published on: 3/16/2016
Remembering December

It was December
I know because my dress was red and your hair was frosted
with snow and chemicals
My heels were hurting my heels
and the season's musical greetings were loud
and punctured my ears like icicles
But your hand was there and shaking and white with chill
so I held onto it like summer
and we danced a snow globe dance

Strings of lights above us sparkled like diamonds
spilling off Earth's necklace
The stars above the lights above us
glimmered with applause
Because your two step was in time with my heartbeat
Their celestial show was no match for our synchronized sway
Warm in your arms
my heart melted
in the cold of a winter night

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