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  Richard Cody

Published on: 6/21/2013

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Let them sit a while, see how they age.
It may be they're not quite right.

Approach with caution.

These little beauties
have been known to bite.

Published on: 6/19/2013
The Reason Why

The Night lays
her dark hand on mine.
Her voice in my ear, wind
through leaves, she whispers,

"These are the stars that shine…

… and this the moon
that calls the tides."

Her hand, a loving caress,
moves now upon my chest
and through the bone
to grip

the heart that beats
wild inside.

"This," she gently squeezes,
"is also mine.
And if it pleases
I will dine

upon that fine red meat
which beats
the rhythm of my name."

I am a man in love
and have risen above.

I tell her,
"That is why I came."

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