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  Changming Yuan

Published on: 9/4/2013
All Installed on a Mother Board

There is a time
When engineers
Will make chips out of people's spirits
As a hobby
Someone I used to know returns from then
I have seen her recently
But she knows me no more
Even after I told her who I am
"The spirits are installed onto various
Motherboards," she explained
"They are all transparent
Kept in the same big glass safe.
But no one knows how to open it from within
Or whose spirits are whose."

Published on: 8/30/2013
On the Garbage Collection Day

One neighbor took out a blue box
Full of cat skulls and dog legs
Rather than glass or plastic bottles

Another carries out a yellow bag
Containing human bones, mostly children's
Instead of magazines or paper products

A third pushed out a green bin
Filled with failed evils and devils
Where there should be leaves and twigs

Behind every house in a neighboring back alley
The garbage truck is placing a big time bomb

Published on: 8/26/2013
Garage Sale

A whole box of human hearts, each
Still pulsing like a fresh-skinned toad

Two rows of shining skeletons of unknown gods
All with fingers longer than legs, skull-sized toes

Three sets of enchanted knives, possessed
By evil spirits (need sharpening)

Four giant alarm clocks, guaranteed
To wake the dead in a five-mile radius

Five wine bottles filled with pickled souls
As colourful as the rainbow over the Styx

How much for just the reddest heart?

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