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  Tom Blumenthal

Published on: 4/22/2011
Sing to me please

Bill sing to me from the dead, please
tell me you miss me as much as I miss you,
sing to me about the moment
when the sea swells were too great.

Sing to me Bill, tell me you remember
it all, everything, not just feeling her love
stronger than any you'd felt, not just
the sky, loons, dogs and cats.

Sing to me from the dead Bill,
tell me slow tears stain your breast
watching sons live and fathers die
grandchildren walk you never met..

730 days and 730 nights, would
a too hard sheet still bathe you,
would the pull of safe darkness
be too great for you again?

Sing to me Bill, sing of how
much you miss life, miss me
miss us all, almost, almost
as much as we all miss you.

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