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  Nicole Criona

Published on: 10/28/2014
Advice to an Angel about to Fall

Before you leap, she said,
"Don't fall here,
I am incapable of hoisting you back up.
No one is capable.

Consider this:
Free will is expensive, my Angel of Light.

Down here:

Decisions are made by the uninformed.
Solace lies in avoiding gravestones.
Guidance dons a blindfold.
Words burn flesh.

And you will feel.
You will feel all."

The Angel retorted:
"When this division started, God argued,
'If you never touch darkness, how will you ever know light?'"

She said,
"But I wonder,
you should wonder:
If good results come from an evil act,
is there no distinction between the two?

You ask me to
catch you,
watch you fall into existence,
guide you.
I cannot,
for we are opaque."

The Angel leaned earthward.

"If you land here," she said,
"Remember this if nothing else:
Candy, if it were honest
would have a bitter aftertaste."

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