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  James Hutchings

Published on: 1/27/2014
The First Verse of Bon Jovi's "You Give Love a Bad Name" as a Shakespearian Sonnet

You smile, and shine as if in glory garbed
Yet virtue is not cut to fit you well
For, like the rose, the root of you is barbed
And you who promised Heaven furnished Hell.
Now I am chained—nay, more than chained, am sealed
Within a dismal prison, buried deeper
Than secret sins, nor will my captor yield;
How bleak a hope, when Passion is my keeper.
You face me like an arrow poised to fly
And I a stag at bay, with no escape
Nor any will to fight, and so I die
My murderer a fiend of fairest shape.
How Love must blush, to hear herself defamed!
I die, shot through the heart, with you to blame.

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