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  Juleigh Howard-Hobson

Juleigh Howard-Hobson has lived in the UK, Australia and both coasts of the US.

Her writings, like her passports, have appeared all over, in places such as The Edinburgh Festival of Arts: Writers Quarter 2002, Aesthetica Magazine (UK), The Australian Reader, Shatter Colors Literary Review, Flipside , The Raintown Review, The Hypertexts, and Arena (Australia) among dozens of other places. The recipient of the New South Wales ANZAC Day Award for poetry, she's also edited and contributed to the Arets Boker award winning Norwegian-press literary collection Undertow. Her work is forthcoming in The Non Euclidean Cafe, Her Circle, Solanaceae & The Arabesques Review (Algiers) . She's never been to Algiers, but now her words are going....amazing place, this world, isn't it?

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