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  Kevin Dublin

Published on: 5/20/2010
First Encounter with Fatherhood

It didn't feel real,
the thing inside of her belly,
a baby? How could I be sure?
Maybe she's just getting fat,
has really bad gas, and
that's what feels like kicks.

The ultrasound could have been a bean --
a really big bean -- a mutant bean
that moves. I've seen it in a movie,
I'm sure it could happen. Okay, maybe
it was a cartoon. Either way
I'm not ruling it out. I want to see it --
her -- him with my own eyes and hold him.
That's when I'll believe.

Published on: 2/16/2010

New Year's resolution: lose weight,
no swearing, wear more nice clothes, manage time,
find the spark I lost. Find a way

to make it to the gym: lift weights,
cross body exercises, ride the bike.
New Year's resolution: lose weight

to wear the clothes for my age range.
Discover how I could do things like
find the spark I lost. Find a way

to track the shit storm called my day
and take all I've screwed up and make it right.
New Year's resolution: lose weight.

Profanity! I forgot, wait,
how could I ever manage to fight
to find the spark I lost? find ways

to make money to buy clothes-- ? manage time?
I can't fit them if I don't exercise,
so year's resolution: lose weight.
I'll find the spark lost along the way.

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